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Cost Savings
Our client with approximately 250 employees, was so pleased when we were able to move them from a platform of benefits for Life, Disability and voluntary life they had used for several years and save them almost $100,000.By analyzing the current benefits package, determining how they were rated through their current association, we determined it was more cost effective for them to purchase their own plan vs through their association. We were able to maintain the high level of benefits and enhance their program.
Back in Compliance
After an extensive review of our new client’s employee benefits program we were able to determine that they had not properly filed their 5500 forms for several years. With our broker’s assistance and legal advice, we were able to get them compliant and back on track with their filings avoiding potentially large fines and penalties.
Affordable Care Act Consulting
A new manufacturing client was unsure of the new ACA reporting requirements for both their employee notices and filing with the federal government. After interviewing the HR department and reviewing current practices, we were able to give them a schedule of notices and dates for distribution as well as dates and requirements for filing with CMS and other forthcoming requirements.
Proper Benefits Offering to Employees
A small employer with less than 50 employees was unaware as to proper benefit offerings to new employees. The general practice was to provide the applications for coverage but never to follow up nor have proper waivers signed for the files. After an extensive review, we were able to prepare enrollment packets and complete instructions for the employer to maintain proper compliance and files.
Pay or Play Rules Consulting
A grocer with under 50 full time employees and many part time seasonal employees was unable determine what of the ACA rules applied to them with regard to the “Pay or Play” penalties. We were able to assist them with a large employer calculator and help them determine that they were indeed still a small employer and the ACA “pay or Play” rules were not applicable to them.