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Workshop: You are Invited

When: Wednesday, October 12 at 6 PM is that day.

Where: The Concourse Hotel is that place.

Time: 4:30 – 6:00 pm
Networking, Heavy H’orderves, and Cash Bar

 6:00 pm Sharp – Brad starts his presentation.

Brad is the top entrepreneurial speaker in the world right now and he is going to talk about the real path to wealth through business and other investments.

This is NOT a get rich quick path.  We do not believe overnight wealth is a real thing – unless you founded Facebook!

However, this is the path described in detail by someone who has done it over and over.

Please be our guest on October 12, 2016 to see Brad live in Madison!

This is a $200 value we are offering free to our first 40 clients that register. We encourage you to bring a guest, but be sure to register them. Learning is more fun with someone you know.

Register Today!

P.S. When you get to the drop down for “where did you hear about us” choose Benefits
P.P.S. We will see you on the 12th of October at the Concourse Hotel at 5 PM for networking.  Brad starts at 6 PM sharp!”