There are so many options for testing and vaccine verifier programs for the workplace. The BenefitWorks is here with three options for your HR department to review.

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In the wake of President Biden’s proposed workplace vaccination and testing mandate, we know the members of your HR team are bracing themselves for yet another COVID-19 responsibility. This new burden puts HR in the line of fire on a complicated issue they may not feel prepared or equipped to manage. 

Below are two options for Vaccine Verfier: 

What is Unum Vaccine Verifier?
Unum Vaccine Verifier is a simple way to verify vaccination status, manage exemptions and oversee testing compliance all in one place. It’s more than just a survey tool — it eases the burden of vaccine management for HR and provides increased peace of mind.

Why choose Unum for this solution?
Our decades of experience in complex compliance, ADA management, confidential medical record handling, and employee leave programs make us uniquely qualified to support HR in managing this sensitive task. Our expertise in digital employer solutions ensures that Vaccine Verifier will be accurate, reliable and easy to use, for HR and employees alike.

Get ahead of vaccine and testing requirements now
The final OSHA rules regarding the proposed mandate are not expected for a few weeks. However, once the mandate is in place, it will be important to have a plan for complying.

Learn more about Unum Vaccine Verifier now and get a head start on managing this new workplace safety measure.

Compliance Expertise. In addition to our Hold Harmless agreement and audit support, we supply all required reference materials while our team of regulatory experts monitors changing requirements.
Companion Offerings. Package Vaccination Verification with Universal Benefit Account® offerings like the Vaccination Reward Account to help your clients create a safe, healthy work environment.

Reduced Workload. Human verification of documents and access to individuals’ submissions when your clients need it, with one easy-to-use system (employers) and mobile app (individuals).

Safety & Security. Security safeguards protect the confidentially, integrity, and availability of Electronic Protected Health Information (EPHI).

Corowell COVID 19 Symptom Screening Test

Covid -19 Hyposmia Scratch-Smell

The worlds only screening test that:
1. Detects Covid-19 and all variants
2. Detects the first day of infection which allows early treatment.
3. Works in 60 seconds
4. Detects before you become sick
5. Predicts 8 days sooner than antigen test allowing for early treatment and early containment.
6. Works not by Loss of smell only, but by the level of scent detection found in the 1st day of detection.

How to Use
Scan. Scratch + Smell. Select. Survey. Results.

  • Down load App
  • Scan the QR code on the ticket
  • Scratch and smell the scented area
  • Select the corresponding scent in the app
  • Complete the Covid-19 survey
  • Results are ready in 1-minute
  • Non-Invasive smell test can be done anywhere by anyone
  • Those who PASS the test receive a digital PASS which can be scanned by officials at events, schools, airports and other places.