Our Service Areas

With over 35 years of experience, your BenefitWorks team specializes in providing practical solutions to Employers, Associations and Trusts in the Employee Benefits field.

Local Representation With Statewide & National Presence

The BenefitWorks team is based in Madison, WI working with partners and service providers throughout the state of Wisconsin and beyond.

Accessible & Direct Broker Involvement

The BenefitWorks team of professionals will assist in making a health insurance purchasing decision, whether for individual, organization, association or corporate. We will make specific recommendations about which plan you fits your needs.

CSR Backups (Dedicated Team Concept)

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) can help build customer loyalty based on distinctive ethical values. CSR methodologies as a strategic tactic to gain employee support and retention, we assist in your benefit plan goals and objectives of the organization. As with any corporate activity, a defined budget demonstrates commitment and scales the program’s relative importance.

Human Resource Tools & Services

The BenefitWorks tools and services include ACA compliance information, onboarding and enrollment service platforms.

We Value Businesses Of ANY Size.

Self-employed to companies over 10,000 employees, we will help you design and implement the best benefit plan for your organization.

Financial Services Specialists

Optimize your business and achieve all success with a suitable and customized financial products and solutions with The BenefitWorks team.

Employer & Employee Education – Plan Design & ACA

We can help you track Affordable Care Act (ACA) guidance, deadlines, changes and updates as they happen. Understand the impact of key requirements on your business. Although the federal government often issues new information and guidance on specifics of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), the primary themes and procedures are for employers to deal with the law. We are here to help you navigate the sign ups, and changes.

Client Events

From education, legislative, and webinars, the BenefitWorks will keep you updated on the latest news.

Employee Education

Many federal and state employees are still uninformed about how healthcare reform impacts their own insurance benefits. Although public sector workers are often at the front lines of legislative changes, they still require their employers to provide them with information about how these types of alterations affect them The BenefitWorks can help.

Legislative Updates

These health reform updates can help you understand how the changing law can affect your business.

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