Have you ever wondered how some people make running a company look easy, while you feel like you’re barely keeping things together?

We all have the same 24 hours in a day – people who are running “easy” businesses, think and use those hours differently than everybody else.

Here are my top 3 tips to get your thinking right:

  1. Understand where your power comes from, and what takes it away. When life or the economy or politics start happening, it can make you feel like a victim of circumstance. The problem with feeling victimized like that, is that your brain can’t multi-process. To the extent that you feel powerless, your brain can’t see possibilities or solutions.
  2. Remember this: O = E + R. An Outcome is the product of an Event plus your Response. You may have no control over the people or events in your world, but you have 100% control over how you respond. That means you always have some control over the outcome. You are never a victim. That’s where your power comes from.
    Maybe it what you know, that’s preventing you from having what you could have. Remember when you were a teenage, and you knew everything? You know how much you chuckle at them now because of how much they don’t know yet? Your business is the same way. You know about your industry. You know about your product or service. You know about your people. How open are you to learning what you don’t know? Maybe you need to question some of your long-held beliefs. It might just be what you know that holds you and your team back.Re-train your mind with this phrase: “Isn’t that  interesting? Tell me more about that. Give me your perspective on this.” “Isn’t that interesting” keeps the lines of communication open. You might just learn something new, and they feel heard and valued.
  3. Business is the best game on the planet. 70-hour weeks and lots of nights spent on the road wasn’t fun for me in my corporate days. It wasn’t fun because I wasn’t doing it right. It’s not that I was doing the wrong things – it’s that I was building a business without a blueprint. I made things way harder than they needed to be. Once I learned the game – how to work right and not just hard, everything got easier. When your business is running like it should, it’s a blast – the best game ever.
  4. BONUS TIP: Big goals require thinking that you don’t have yet. One of the best things about a big goal is that it will force you to learn and grow to attain it. So set HUGE goals – ones that make you and, maybe more importantly your team, “level up” in order achieve them. Leveling up will force you out of your comfort zone. It will prompt you to re-think your assumptions. It will require that you think in terms of WHO can get something done rather than how you will get it done. So set big goals – see what fire that ignites in your team!

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