Does the dollar amount you spend on payroll processing make you cringe? Does the amount of time you spend processing payroll drive you bonkers?

Maybe you have wanted to pull out your hair when a garnishment arrives in the mail.

Or worse-you have employees knocking on your door with payroll mistakes!

If any of these scenarios resonate with you, it’s time for a better solution.

The BenefitWorks has a trusted referral for where you can get reasonably priced, world-class payroll processing service, and more! Need time and attendance tracking as well?

No problem! Want employee self-service? Someone else to do the tax filings? How about custom reports and general ledgers? Affordable Care Act reporting? All no problem through this company that we recommend.

They have certified American Payroll Association staff and stellar customer service. You can access your payroll online and the platform is super flexible so that each employer’s needs can be fully met. Whether you have a mediocre payroll service currently, or are running payroll yourself and it is eating up time you could spend on running your business, consider a different way of being: Making a change could not only save you time, but also valuable dollars. It’s worth an inquiry.

Contact Julie Allord at or 608-729-1000 to talk about your payroll pain points. We’d be happy to put you in touch with this top-notch payroll service if you’d like to learn more.