New section in your monthly newsletter! Each month will highlight articles and stories from Susan Thomson of ActionCOACH. This month is an excerpt from ActionCOACH, Mike McKay’s upcoming book Business is a Game. 52 Rules to make it easier:

Choose a niche and own it.

Scary, maybe difficult, hard work to define it, blah, blah, blah. There are hundreds of reasons that people fear choosing a niche.

What does Coca Cola do? Nike? Apple?

Before you start tossing “line extensions” as your answer, evaluate those extensions over time.

Yes, Nike did golf equipment. It failed. How about the Apple Newton? Ever seen Coke sell something besides beverages? How about General Motors? Have you bought an Oldsmobile lately? Ever have a GM washer/dryer?

Niche. We all need ONE to dominate and we all need to walk away from bright shiny pennies

About Mike – He’s the Co-Founder and President of ActionCOACH here in Wisconsin. After 25 years in manufacturing and supply chain roles in the US Army and Fortune 500 companies, Mike joinied forces with Susan Thomson in 2014. He leads the ActionCOACH team to be the go-to, proven resource for businesses in our local communities who want to grow and become successful and better versions of themselves.