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Attn Individual & Small Group Health plans: Update to non ACA compliant plans

For the coming renewal in the fall of 2016, you may now continue your current Health coverage of a non-compliant ACA plan if you have had continuous coverage since October 1, 2013. If your plan renewed on December 1st of 2016, that will continue to be your renewal date. The previously proposed “early” renewals effective October 1 2016 will no longer be offered. The new rule also requires the Non ACA compliant plan to terminate no later than December 31st 2017. This may mean that on December 1, 2017 your plan will convert to an ACA compliant plan. We also understand that some carriers are looking into the possibility to renew plans effective 12-1-16 for 13 months instead of the traditional 12 months, to accommodate the December 31 2017 change date.

We are waiting for each insurance company to provide us with information as to how they will interpret this change. As soon as we have clear guidance we will provide you with an update.

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